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Atom 1.0 now soup

Tim Bray on Atom 1.0: “It’s cooked and ready to serve.”

That’s good news. Naturally, the next release of NetNewsWire will include Atom 1.0 support.

A quick look at the current draft tells me there haven’t been any major upheavals since 0.3—it looks similar, and the changes I noticed are quite welcome. (The Atom Text Construct is simpler, I’m pleased to see.)

An Atom 1.0 feed would work reasonably well in the current version of NetNewsWire—except that the namespace URL has changed from to, which prevents it from working at all. (This isn’t a complaint, by the way—it’s correct that the namespace URL changed.)

If I have more to say about Atom, any gotchas or interesting observations, I will. But, most likely, it’s a straightforward matter of writing some code and doing a bunch of testing.

We will continue to support Atom 0.3 feeds for the foreseeable future. (Just as we continue to support RSS 0.9x feeds.)