inessential by Brent Simmons

Macworld and NewsGator and NetNewsWire

I don’t normally link to press releases, but this one might be interesting to you—there’s some NetNewsWire news in it: NewsGator Hosted Solution Selected by Newsweek and Macworld.

Part of the thing is NewsGator’s Hosted Solution: it’s a private label online aggregator. The other part, the NetNewsWire part, I’ll just quote: “Macworld will also be releasing a private branded version (with full synchronization) of NetNewsWire, NewsGator’s award winning RSS aggregator for the Mac.”

I’m a long-time Macworld fan and I’m totally psyched. I started reading Macworld back in ’92. Sheila and I were living in France at the time—computer-less, TV-less—and we would scour the newsstands for English-language magazines just to have something to read.

There was one place that carried lots of computer magazines—including Macworld. So every month I’d go and buy the latest Macworld and drool over the latest new features. (QuickTime was new back then!)

Not too long after we got back to the U.S. we bought our first Mac (a Performa 475! from Silo! 90 days same as cash!)—and I’ve never stopped reading Macworld.

Still, I look way back to ’92, and remember my excitement over things like QuickTime, and remember how Macworld gave me (a voracious reader) something cool to read, and I’m always thankful. To be able to work with them now is just plain cool.