inessential by Brent Simmons

NetNewsWire wins Eddy

NetNewsWire won an Eddy in the Great Mac Tools category! This is actually the second Eddy NetNewsWire has won—NetNewsWire 1.0.6 won an Eddy two years ago. (The statue is on my desk about two feet away. Right next to some cat pictures and Ammo the Amoeba.)

One app that totally did not surprise me with a win was Comic Life. Any master of the obvious could have predicted it would win an Apple Design Award and an Eddy, and it has. I feel like I’ve spent the last six months saying to people, “Hey, have you seen Comic Life? It’s so cool!”

Lots of other cool apps have won awards too: Transmit, SuperDuper, TextWrangler, OmniOutliner, LaunchBar, and more. Check out the full list.

By my count, Seattle counts for three winners this year. (But it could be more: I didn’t look super-closely.)