inessential by Brent Simmons

NetNewsWire 2.1: A couple little things

Here are a couple small features added to NetNewsWire 2.1 that you may not have noticed...

Select News Items Tab

Sometimes you’re looking at a web page tab and you want to get back to the News Items tab.

With 2.0, you had a choice: either click the tab with your mouse or navigate to it, one tab at a time, via select-next or select-previous tab keyboard shortcuts.

Now you can get there fast: just type cmd-\\.

(The command appears in the Window menu, under the other tab commands—but it’s really a keyboard shortcut kind of thing.)

60-Day Dinosaurs coloring in the subscriptions list

The dinosaurs feature is cool, but you have to remember to use it. We added one simple little feature: any feed that hasn’t updated in 60 days is now colored brown.

You can change the color, of course: choose View > Show Color Options.

(Obviously, there’s plenty more to do regarding feed management! But still, even this little thing is useful.)

Colors window, other colors

Colors used to be in the preferences window, but it used a popup menu and a single color control.

The problems with that:

1. It made it hard to see all the things you could color.

2. You couldn’t look at your entire color scheme at a glance to get an idea if it all went together.

3. You couldn’t drag-and-drop from one color control to another (since there was only one).

Hence the new Colors window. (It’s almost no lines of code, by the way—thanks to the magic of Cocoa bindings.)

In addition to 60-day dinosaurs, mentioned above, you can now also color subscriptions with 0 unread items, read headlines, and followed headlines. (“Followed” means you opened the web page for that headline.)

That means, yes, you can go nuts.