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Things you may not know about NetNewsWire...

Here are some things you may not know about NetNewsWire... These apply to 2.0 and 2.0.1, even, not just the public beta.

(I like to write this kind of post now and again because I find, based on the questions we get, that there are things you may not know but that could be helpful.)

Find command

Say you’re looking at a web page, or want to find something in the Sites Drawer or in the subscriptions list. Just type cmd-F. Or choose Edit > Find > Find....

Easy shortcuts

There are a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that don’t require the cmd key. Choose Help > Keyboard Shortcuts to see the list.

Go to top and bottom of subscriptions list

When the subscriptions list has focus, you can go to the top item by typing option-upArrow. To go to the bottom item, type option-downArrow.

Cycle info display below subscriptions

The text at the bottom left corner of the main window, right below the subscriptions list, can be cycled. Just click on it to display a different piece of information. Click again. (Etc.)

Feed Validation

If a feed isn’t working for some reason, you can validate it using the online feed validator. Select the feed and choose Validate this Feed from the gear menu below the subscriptions list.

Turn off dock icon unread count

You can completely turn off the unread count in the dock. Open the Preferences window and uncheck the box next to Show unread count.

Colorize dock icon unread count

You can change the colors of the dock icon unread count—both the background and the text. It doesn’t have to be white-on-red!

Resources online

There are a bunch of pages and feeds with all kinds of resources: scripts and stylesheets written by NetNewsWire users, tips, and so on.

Open tabs in the background

When NetNewsWire opens a new tab, it can do so in the background—that is, it doesn’t have to switch to the new tab.

Open the Preferences window, click the Browsing icon, then uncheck the box next to Select new tabs as they are created.

I myself always have NetNewsWire open tabs in the background, because it suits my personal reading style, which is to go through news items, opening tabs as I go, then go through the tabs that I opened.

(Not that everybody has to read news this way! That’s just how I do it.)

Datelines/summaries in headlines table

Especially useful for widescreen users: you can show datelines, summaries, or both in the headlines table.

See the View > Layout menu. If you show datelines, then you don’t have to deal with the smaller amount of room for columns.


If you want to see which of your feeds haven’t updated in a while, choose Window > Dinosaurs.

See all new items at once, see all flagged items at once

Check out these two commands, both from the View menu:

Show New Items Subscription
Show Flagged Items Subscription

Search engine and tag subscriptions

If you want to subscribe to keyword searches and tag feeds, you can: choose File > New Special Subscription > Search Engine... and File > New Special Subscription > Tag....

These are highly useful for me personally, since there’s no way I can subscribe to the entire blogosphere, but I do want to get feedback about my software that people post.

Help Book

NetNewsWire has a manual: choose Help > NetNewsWire Help.