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NetNewsWire Lite 2.1b18: public beta

NetNewsWire IconToday we released a public beta of the Lite version of NetNewsWire. (The previous public beta was full-version-only.)

New features in Lite 2.1 include NewsGator syncing, printing, and posting to It has the same changes as the full version, except for the things that don’t apply because those features aren’t in the Lite version. (It is, of course, a Universal binary.)

For more details, read the NetNewsWire Lite 2.1b18 change notes.

It’s available from the NetNewsWire betas page. (Just please remember that it is in fact a beta.)

P.S. People sometimes ask what the difference is between full and Lite versions. It’s actually a fairly long list—see this page that lists the differences. (It’s for the 2.0 releases, but it needs only a minor update for 2.1.)