inessential by Brent Simmons

The old gang

I noticed on Seth Dillingham’s weblog that Doug Baron is helping out with the folks working on the now-open-source Frontier kernel. Very cool!

So I took a look at the recent list activity and noticed a bunch of people from the old days, back when I was working for UserLand (and before!). There was a great community there, no doubt.

Now, I can’t actually look at the code without getting the screaming meemies, much less work on it—but hey, the best parts (the good parts, even) of the kernel are certainly not mine anyway. (Actually, I didn’t work on that much of it. My proudest accomplishment was tracking down a rare but vicious crashing bug that was the result of a Str32 being treated like a Str255 at some point. [Something like that, anyway.])