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Small cosmetic change in status bar

It might be kind of silly to make any cosmetic changes right before WWDC—and I leave open the possibility that I’ll reverse the following change or change it again.

NetNewsWire 2.1:

NetNewsWIre 2.1 status bar screenshot

NetNewsWire 3.0d7:

NetNewsWIre 2.1 status bar screenshot

I’ve been working toward making NetNewsWire higher-contrast. The trend (as I’ve written about recently) is to make the control areas at the top and bottoms of windows dark, to contrast better with the content area.

So NetNewsWire’s status bar went from the glass look to a darker gradient. I think it fits in better with the unified title-and-toolbar window style. (I could have made it even darker, but then it wouldn’t have fit with the window style.)

But... will we get new or changed window styles at WWDC? Will we see a new convention for status bars? I don’t know! There’s an excellent chance that what we’ll see this week will affect the look of NetNewsWire and lots of other apps.