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Five Things People Don't Know About Me

Five Things People Don’t Know About Me

I was tagged by Nick.

1. I usually wear all black at home. It matches the way I feel on the inside. ;)

2. The one sport at which I’m quite good, at which I can usually beat everyone in the room (unless the room contains my dad and/or brother-in-law), is ping pong.

3. I didn’t finish college, and didn’t take any computer science classes in college. (Had I gotten as far as declaring a major, it would have been English. I probably would have concentrated on 20th century American literature—particularly the first half of the century, the modernists.)

4. I play guitar and piano—with little skill but plenty of enthusiasm.

5. There’s a surprising amount of Public Enemy in my iTunes library.

I’ll tag five local Seattle Xcoders folks: Gus Mueller, Joe Heck, David Dunham, Andrew Carter, and Greg Martin.