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Mark Alldritt starts weblog

Mark Alldritt has been an indie-Mac-dev-hero of mine since the ’90s—he’s one of the people whose example led me to think that small companies and small teams can do great Mac software and make a living. And now Mark has started a weblog: Mark Alldritt’s Journal. (Via Michael Tsai.)

You might wonder who were my other indie-Mac-dev-heroes back when I was starting out. I remember well. Along with Mark, they were: Peter Lewis, Rich Siegel, Chuck Shotton, and Dave Winer.

I went to work for one of my Mac heroes—Dave Winer at UserLand Software—for seven years!

(I still remember the first time I visited Dave Winer’s office and saw his Eddy Award statue. I thought to myself, one day I’m going to win one of those. That’s what I call “leadership by putting stuff on shelves.” ;)