inessential by Brent Simmons

Relax, it’s gonna be okay

I was looking at the comments on TUAW’s coverage of the Leopard-delayed-till-October news.

Some selections: “*cry*” “Noooooooohohoho!!!! Waaaaah!!!! Tears form in my eyes (for real).” “Unbelievable & sad.” “I just died inside. I have no words to express my grief.”

Not all the comments are as silly—but still, I have to wonder about people who proclaim, even hyperbolically, that it’s making them cry. Developers doing a Leopard-only release—I can understand their being upset, because it means they can’t ship until October. But other folks? Tears? Really? 10.4 is such a burden to use, we can barely stand it?

(I wonder if the fashion treadmill is a mistake, kind of like using protomatter in the Genesis matrix. Eventually it blows up, even if early results are spectacular.)

Anyway—take it from me, a veteran of 27 years of Apple OS upgrades. A few extra months will be okay. ;)