inessential by Brent Simmons

Mail Gossip Bug

Here’s my favorite Mail bug...

Say I get an email, and I do a reply-all. The to and cc list look like this (only less fuzzy):

Mail CC list

So I’m like—cool, I can talk about the Nicks, since they’re not getting this email. I start typing, gossip gossip gossip, blah blah blah.

Then I send it, and the Nicks get the email, and then the whirring blades disperse the waste into the atmosphere...

In real life I’m not some big email-gossip, so this hasn’t actually happened. To me.

Here’s the thing—in this fictional situation, I didn’t check the cc list. If I had clicked in it, then typed down arrow a few times, I would have seen the rest of the cc list, and I would have known the Nicks were on the list.

Mail CC list

But there’s nothing to indicate that there are more people on the cc list. The scroll thumb doesn’t actually appear—in fact, the absence of the thumb indicates that the entire list is visible.

But it’s not.

Update 1:00 p.m.: This may happen only if you have the scrollbar setting for both-arrows-at-both-ends turned on, which I do.