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Fraser on Twitterrific 3

Fraser Speirs writes about Twitterrific 3.0, which now displays ads or costs $14.95 (you choose):

Let’s face it—if you’re an indie Mac developer, Twitter is like a year round WWDC doughnut stand. It’s where I hang out with the other indies for the other fifty-one weeks of the year. If an easy interface to that world isn’t worth $15 to me, then I’ve got some messed up priorities.

The list of people I follow on Twitter is a lot like a listing of my /Applications folder, and it’s also a list of people I hang out with at events like C4 and WWDC.

It may be especially cool for people like me who work at home—it’s my virtual office.

But, were it not for Twitterrific, I probably wouldn’t have even tried it at all.