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NetNewsWire Lite 3.1b1 public beta

I just posted a public beta of NetNewsWire Lite—Lite 3.1b1 is on the betas page.

For anyone who doesn’t know: NetNewsWire Lite is NetNewsWire’s freeware older brother. (Lite 1.0 shipped a few months before NetNewsWire 1.0.)

The Lite version is missing all kinds of cool features—searching, the built-in tabbed browser, flagging items, scripting, and so on—and yet I have a huge soft spot for it. I think it’s a pretty cool app.

A few screenshots—click for the big version:

Default style screenshot nnw - gray style screenshot nnw style screenshot

The most important thing about this release is, of course, that it fixes a couple Leopard incompatibilities. (There are none remaining that I know of.)

New to the Lite version are a couple features the full version has had for a long time: a Date column (which you can sort by), and a Dinosaurs report, so you can see which feeds haven’t updated in a long time.