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Change notes for NetNewsWire for iPhone 1.0.5

Below are the change notes (edited for profanity and such) for NetNewsWire for iPhone 1.0.5. It’s not up on the store yet — 1.0.2 is still In Review. But, one of these days, you’ll get an update.

(I feel very good about this build, especially regarding performance issues. It’s much better than 1.0.)

I’m not totally sure why I’m posting these, other than that it keeps me from feeling like a black box where you can’t see in.


Changes in 1.0.5 (since 1.0.4):

- Scrolling is faster in the Feeds list -- now re-using a table cell instead of creating a new one for each row. (Which I had been doing to work around a [REDACTED] in an earlier [REDACTED] of the iPhone [REDACTED]. Glad I don’t have to anymore.)

- The + button is now an action-menu button -- because it will have more than just Add to Clippings in it. (Things like email-link, mark-unread, and send-to-Twitterrific will go in there.)

- Email Link now appears in the action menu for news items and for web pages. Both create a new outgoing message in MobileMail with no recipient, but with subject and body filled in. (The link is the body.)

- Fixed a bug where feeds with blank names could appear (because their titles haven’t been retrieved yet -- now we’re retrieving them first).

- Fixed a bug where GetSubscriptionsList (a server call) would be called at times unnecessarily.

- Fixed a bug where a refresh/sync session would happen twice sometimes, unnecessarily.

- The application icon on the home screen now gets the unread count badge.

- Total unread count appears at bottom-left of Feeds page (except during refresh/sync).

- Reversed delete-older-than-two-weeks change from 1.0.4 -- because [REDACTED] [REDACTING] help me if unread counts don’t match with the iPhone and other readers. I’d be explaining it for the remainder of my natural-born existence.

- It’s now faster to rebuild the Feeds list -- not rebuilding all unread counts every time it loads.

- When downloading feeds, the status message says the name of the feed, so you can better tell what’s happening. (This change, plus putting the unread count at the bottom-left, also have the effect of making this feel like NetNewsWire.)

- On the news items list view, the Mark All as Read button now does not appear if all items are read.