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Working on deleting feeds

Another NetNewsWire for iPhone progress report...

I’ve been working on NetNewsWire 1.0.6 since yesterday. The main new feature in 1.0.6 will be deleting feeds. When you delete a feed, you have two options of how to delete it:

1. Don’t Show in iPhone — removes it from your iPhone location, but leaves it intact in other places

2. Unsubscribe Everywhere

I thought about just doing #1 — but I think it would seem weird not to be able to unsubscribe from a feed completely, so I’m doing both.

And then, of course, there are still more bug fixes and some new features to do. Work continues, as always.

PS Had a root canal yesterday. I like joking that — given the amount of stress I’m in waiting for my updates to appear on the App Store — the couple hours lying down in the dentist’s chair was a nice, relaxing break. ;)