inessential by Brent Simmons

NetNewsWire 1.0.8 uploaded, will appear on App Store later

I just uploaded NetNewsWire for iPhone 1.0.8 — I can’t say when it will appear on the App Store, of course, but it’s in the review process now.

Changes in 1.0.8 (since 1.0.7):

- Fixed a hang/crash at startup affecting some people.

- Fixed a bug restoring a feed or post at startup -- it now makes sure the feed and post still exist in the database.

- Removed the Feeds title and the horizontal stripes from the startup image, so it doesn't look like it's switching views at startup.

- Removed some logging code for when a download fails -- it shouldn't have been left in there.

- No longer showing title in navigation controller in news item detail view -- it was redundant, and it didn't hardly ever fit anyway.

- You can turn off the unread badge count on the home screen via a pref in Settings. (Note: the change in pref doesn't take effect until you next launch NetNewsWire.)

- Fixed a bug parsing dates in news items on systems with non-English date formatting. (It will fix dates for items in the future, but it can't fix existing wrong dates.)