inessential by Brent Simmons

NetNewsWire plans

I’m working on four apps. But they’re all NetNewsWire.

Here are the current plans:


1.0.9 will be uploaded to the App Store soon, probably this week. It may take a few more days to actually appear on the App Store. (Last time it was five days.)

1.0.9 addresses the most common issues: it makes adding clippings more bullet-proof, and it adds separate settings for keeping read and unread items.

These changes were going to be part of 1.1 (in development), but I decided not to wait for the rest of 1.1: I wanted to get these changes out sooner.

(1.1 will address most of the rest of what people are reporting and asking for.)


NetNewsWire 3.1.7 will be released soon — probably this week. (It’s a bug-fix release. It should be the last of the 3.1.x series.)

At the same time, I’m also working on NetNewsWire 3.2 and 4.0.

NetNewsWire 3.2 will add a few small features and fix a bunch of bugs. It’s a transitional release, updating some (but not all) of the data from 3.x format to 4.x.

NetNewsWire 4.0 will be a bigger update: some under-the-hood rewriting, feature deletion, more new features, UI changes, and more. (It will require OS X 10.5 or better; it will still run on PowerPC as well as Intel.)

I don’t have a timetable — any guesses at this point would be wrong. Very early versions are in the hands of testers.

In other words, work continues, as always.