inessential by Brent Simmons


One of the reasons Walker rocks: on a panel at CES he said, essentially, that if you’re not on the iPhone you don’t exist.

I totally agree. I — and many others — have said the same thing about the web, and then about blogs. And now it’s true of iPhone.

(Walker is the GM at NewsGator in charge of media and consumer stuff: TapLynx, NetNewsWire, API clients, widgets, and so on.)

It makes me think back to when I first came to NewsGator: I was the Mac user. The one.

Then more people started using Macs — and then the iPhone came along, and lots of people got iPhones. That was like magic, watching Apple products get in the company.

And now? Walker Fenton appears at CES, talking about iPhone apps. I totally love it.