inessential by Brent Simmons

Things 1.2.9 likes me

Release Notes - Things Wiki: “Added support for emptying the Trash immediately. Hold down the option key while choosing the ‘Empty Trash…’ menu command.”

Thank you to my long-lost cousin Michael Simmons and the fine folks at Cultured Code for catering to my psychotic computing needs!

I can’t have stuff in the Trash. If I do, then it’s a thing I have to do. So I empty it right away, since it’s easy. But not easy enough — there was a confirmation sheet. Now I can hold down option and bypass the confirmation sheet.

“Well, Brent,” you might ask, “how often do you trash stuff in Things?”

Every time, is the answer. I never mark stuff as done. No. Must get rid of right away. I did a thing, it’s out of my life, good-bye, don’t want no log, don’t want to look back and remember the glory days of five minutes ago when I did that thing.

So I empty the trash after every task I accomplish.

And now it’s friction-free. So happy.

P.S. After so many years of GUI computing, I have yet to adapt to any Trash can thing anywhere. Not in the Finder either. (Especially not there.) I’ve given up any hope that I can change on this matter.

Maybe, I like to reassure myself, it’ll be okay. In the long run.