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Unofficial stuff around Voices That Matter this weekend

I’ve been getting questions about the unofficial side of things around the Voices that Matter conference. What’s going on at night?

Some answers:

Thursday April 22

Xcoders meeting followed by Cyclops for geek talk and food and/or drinks. Brad Ellis and I are doing an iPad UI Interactive Volcano Backup Plan Talk. Talking about NetNewsWire/iPad design plus other apps. (Fraser Speirs is volcano-locked, so we’re filling in as best we can. Wish Fraser could have made it.)

If you’ve never been to an Xcoders meeting — or you’re from out of town but are arriving in Seattle early — you’re totally encouraged to attend. There’s no official sign-up or anything like that: just show up.

Friday April 23

Lava Lounge starting at 7 pm. It’s entirely possible we could go MPU (Mobile Party Unit) after a couple hours — see the note about Twitter, below.

Saturday April 24

Shorty’s starting around 9 pm for pinball. (There’s a sponsored thing earlier for conference-goers.)

Bonus points

For late-breaking changes of venue or whatever, follow me on Twitter. I will not be offended if you follow me for the weekend and then unfollow.

All locations (except for Xcoders meeting) are in Belltown, which is convenient for conference-goers. (Xcoders meeting is downtown. Not much farther.)