inessential by Brent Simmons

Nashville flooded

I follow Nick Bradbury on Twitter for the obvious reasons: he writes FeedDemon and he’s a friend.

But lately his tweets have done extra duty of getting the word out about the catastrophic flooding in Nashville. For some reason it seems like the national broadcast media have been slower than normal in getting to this story.

Look. When a city is in trouble, we have to pay attention and we have to help. We all know this.

Nashville is not the dark side of the moon: it’s home to a civilization of people who get out of bed, work, play, feed the cat, watch TV, make things, wonder about the future, learn things, drink a few beers, mow the lawn — and who are united now in wishing the rains hadn’t fallen like this, and who now need help.

Nick’s Twitter page has good links, including links on how to donate.