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Fantastical released

It happened a few days ago, and I was heads-down, so I missed it. If by any chance you missed all the other links to Fantastical, here’s another one.

Half of Flexibits is Michael Simmons. There are those who say we’re cousins, some who say we’re brothers. (Our origins are shrouded in mystery, but I can say that we were both at hand for the invention of papyrus. And Pythagoras stole Michael’s idea, for which he’s still a bit miffed.)

I like to think I’m Michael’s evil twin. But I have more hair, so there’s that.

Family business aside. Fantastical makes dealing with your calendar less tyrannical. Enter new calendar entries using English, instead of beating up your tendons with a bunch of mousing and clicking and mis-mousing and mis-clicking.

When I say “English” I don’t mean AppleScript English — I mean the real thing. It works! Feels like deep magic from beyond the dawn of time.

And the app looks great. It’s a pleasure to use.