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Justin on Windows Phone

Justin “Bieber” Williams: “The Metro UI paradigms used in the apps feel more futuristic and sexy than the cartoonish, leather-bound look of Apple’s latest applications.”

But there aren’t many apps. So Justin asks:

How does Microsoft combat this perception that Windows Phone’s app catalog isn’t up to par with the offerings in Apple’s App Store?

I hope they figure this out. I’m rooting for Windows Phone. It’s such an unexpected and welcome surprise to see Microsoft doing something different, actually innovating and caring about user experience. From what I’ve seen they’re doing a good job. (Though I must admit I haven’t tried using a Windows phone for any period of time.)

I live in Seattle, so I know people at Microsoft. They’re our neighbors across the lake. But, for all that, we Cocoa developers in town hardly ever think about them or notice their presence. It would be great if we had a reason to think of Microsoft again.

(Seattle is thick with Cocoa developers, by the way. Omni! Black Pixel! Flying Meat! Tons of small indies you haven’t heard of yet! Etc. etc. etc. Great big community.)