inessential by Brent Simmons

Bad Writing of the Day

Toulouse Petit is a popular Seattle restaurant on lower Queen Anne that specializes in Cajun food. I recommend it.

But check out their website. The first paragraph:

Toulouse as a dining, lounge and experiential possibility was inspired and built around notions larger and more expansive than any particular theme or region: unique and lusty cuisine that requires discipline and skill to prepare; texturally rich and intricate décor that can only have been designed and created by individuals who approach their craft with focus and commitment; and the general desire to deliver the various possibilities of dining, drinking and adult escapism to others in a way that is positive safe, friendly, values-driven… and which leaves everyone better off for having had the experience.

Not a word about how good is the gumbo — and plenty of words that make me want to never go there, ever.

Luckily, I have eaten there, and I know it’s good. So I’ll go again.