inessential by Brent Simmons

Local Mac Pride

Congratulations to Aged & Distilled on releasing Napkin and congratulations to Black Pixel on Kaleidoscope!

Both apps are awesome. And both are made, at least in part, in Seattle. Local hero Chris Parrish is half of Aged & Distilled, and the Black Pixel machine of cool is on upper Queen Anne.

I love that Napkin and Kaleidoscope are both Mac apps.

I can’t talk about local Mac app makers without mentioning Omni. I wish like crazy I could make it to their OmniFocus 2 event in San Francisco on January 31. OmniFocus saves my bacon.

And there’s Flying Meat, home of the wonderful Acorn and VoodooPad, both of which I recommend highly.

We have a strong tradition of Mac app development in Seattle — and it’s stronger now than ever.

All you have to do to meet all these folks is attend Seattle Xcoders meetings. Some folks just show up for the after-meeting get-together, which is usually at the Cyclops. So add that to your plans.