inessential by Brent Simmons

Don’t Forget

Reminder from Dave Winer: download your Google Reader subscriptions list before Monday.

For me personally it’s not an issue — I’ve been off Google Reader for a couple years. I even deleted my Google account.

My RSS reader has been NetNewsWire 3.3.2 for Mac (running without syncing) up till the other day when I switched to the NetNewsWire 4 beta (which doesn’t have sync yet).

I could get away without syncing for a couple reasons: I work at home and I’m almost always home; as I go through my feeds on my Mac I send articles to Instapaper and then read on my iPhone and iPad.

(Still, though, I would like to have a synced RSS reader on my iPhone and iPad. But I’m patient.)

I’m excited for the end of Google Reader, which I never liked as software or as a syncing system. (To be fair, it was never designed to be a syncing system.) It’s going to be a pain for a lot of people, and I recognize that. It sucks. But a revitalized RSS world is a very good thing, and that excites me.