inessential by Brent Simmons

Satanic References in Mac OS X

if {[S 0 == {5\x0aSatan's_Dark_Delight}]} {emit {Quake I save: e3m4 Satan's dark delight}}

This cryptic phrase — which reads very much like a record played backward — is found on line 2985 in /System/​Library/​Tcl/​tcllib1.12/​fumagic/​filetypes.tcl.

I don’t know if this ships on all Macs. It might be only if you’ve installed Xcode. (But it might be on every Mac.)

Is fumagic a type of witchcraft? If you look up Tcl, you’ll find that it stands for Tool Command Language. Is fumagic Satan’s way of controlling us via our tools? We all know what f.u. — eff you — means.

As frightening as this is — and it is; it’s terrifying — far worse is knowing that Macs harbor daemons. Get someone to explain them to you, and they’ll sound innocuous. Which is the Devil’s greatest trick.

Update one day later: I made the rookie mistake of thinking it would be obvious that I was joking. The above is completely non-serious.