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VoodooPad News

Gus: A New Home for VoodooPad:

I first approached my friend Mike Ash a while back about taking over VoodooPad. I’ve known Mike for about a decade now and he’s been using VoodooPad for about that long as well. He’s a good guy, a solid coder, and one of the few people I would trust with VoodooPad’s future.

This is great news for fans of VoodooPad.

I’m such a fan that about a year ago I considered making Gus an offer and buying it. Gus wasn’t even considering selling it at that point (as far as I know) — but I’m a text guy who loves VoodooPad, and it was obvious that Acorn was taking up most of Gus’s time.

Well, I ended up with enough to do that I couldn’t have concentrated on VoodooPad, so I’m very glad that Plausible Labs is taking it over. Great app goes to great home.