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The Record, the Numbers

Chris and I can’t think of any reason not to share download numbers for The Record.

Episode #1 was released just over a week ago, Friday Jan. 3 at 3 pm. The podcast appeared in iTunes Tuesday Jan. 7.

(The following numbers are all as of this writing, of course.)

Downloads of the audio file so far: 5,355.

Our best day is today. Our second-best day was yesterday. Our third-best day was last Friday.

Earlier today it peaked as the #2 top Tech podcast, and reached #17 in all podcasts. (In iTunes. It’s down a little from then.)

Comparing to other podcasts

Mule Radio Syndicate posts download numbers for their podcasts, so we do have something to compare to. (They have a bunch of great shows, by the way.)

My goal for The Record was to land in respectable territory.

The Big Web Show’s Dec. 19 episode has 6,777 downloads.

Let’s Make Mistakes Dec. 18 episode has 5,808 downloads.

So we’re in the same range as podcasts I admire. Good. (That is, if those numbers are actual download numbers. I assume they are, but I don’t know for sure. It’s conceivable that they’re just in-browser plays, though it’s hard to imagine that many people playing podcasts in their browser.)

Nevertheless, looking at The Talk Show’s Dec. 24 episode provides some perspective: 66,470 downloads.

Welp. That gives me a goal.

Update 6 p.m.: Daniel Jalkut says that Core Intuition gets about 10,000 downloads.