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Transferring Domains - Day 2

(I’ll add to the end of this post as things happen.)

Call from Network Solutions

I got a call from a support person at Network Solutions just as I opened the office this morning. (At 10 am Pacific. I’m not a morning person.)

I hadn’t contacted Network Solutions support, but I imagine someone there read my blog and asked support to contact me.

The support person was very nice and patient as I booted my computers. The problem, which she quickly recognized, was that I wasn’t logged-in with the primary user ID. I didn’t know how to login with the primary user ID, so she helped me with that.

(I set up these accounts so long ago that I didn’t still have login info.)

I verified that I would be able to take the next steps in transferring my domain. I thanked her. She told me to contact her if I ran into further problems, and she followed up with an email right after the call.

It was a very good customer support experience — I can’t see how it could have been better. Top marks.

Email from Hover

I had emailed Hover support last night. Once I got off the phone with Network Solutions I checked my email and there was a reply from Hover.

The Hover help person asked if I prefer email or talking on the phone (email, for me, is best), and she suggested that I might not be logged in with the right account. She offered to login with my credentials and get it straightened out.

Which is also very good support — I can’t see how Hover’s initial reply could have been better.

So: everyone’s being awesome today, and it’s not even lunch time. (And the sun is shining in Seattle. Good day.)

I replied to Hover that I think I can take it from here, since I got help from Network Solutions, but I’ll ask for help if I need to.

I realized that I could ask for Hover’s free Valet transfer service. Definitely a cool thing. But at this point I’m too curious about the process and I want to do it myself.