inessential by Brent Simmons

Dave and Node

Dave Winer is becoming a Node.js developer:

Now I have a server on an Amazon EC2 Ubuntu micro instance. It’s running my fargoPublisher prototype. I have a pretty smooth deploy method with a folder shared between my desktop and the server, and the Macintosh Terminal program. I can upload a changed version of the software and reload the app in a few commands, a few seconds.

It’s cool that, after all these years, Dave and I are developing on the same platform again.

* * *

Were I looking to run a contracting business (I most emphatically am not), it occurs to me that there might be a business in being the server-person-for-hire for other Mac and iOS developers. Knowing the client side of development so well would give me an advantage over people who know the server side only.

Take that as a hint. There are other people like me who know both worlds — maybe that describes you — and there are plenty of iOS and Mac developers whose apps need online services. Could be a good business.