inessential by Brent Simmons

The Record Show Notes

Every episode of The Record in season one has been recorded live and in person — which means three mics and Chris building a fort of foam and cardboard so that each mic can be isolated. (It’s tricky.) Chris later does the sound editing too.

My job is writing the show notes and publishing. I listen to an initial rough edit and type everything that gets mentioned (on Wednesday or Thursday), and after that I go and find links for everything.

The latest episode with John Chaffee has 106 links and is typical. (Some show notes are longer.)

I do this partly because The Record is a serious act of documentation and partly because I want the website to be interesting itself and not just a way of delivering a feed to your podcast client.

Or at least that’s what I say. I think I really do this because I ask myself what I would want from a podcast like this — and I would want all the links. All of them. In a big pile. So that’s what I do. (Plus: it’s fun.)

PS I just checked The Record’s numbers: the average number of downloads is over 10,000 now. I’m so pleased.