inessential by Brent Simmons

WWDC and Design

Dr. Drang: How it works:

Now, when I need to analyze a structure or a piece of equipment, I ask for the design drawings. In my world, design is what engineers do to make things work.

Our point of view at Q Branch is that engineering is part of design. So while it’s easy to say that I work with two designers, and everybody knows what I mean, the truth is that the company is made of three designers.

If Vesper Sync works well, is unobtrusive and fast and easy to set up, it’s because all three of us designed it that way.

Is Chris Lattner a designer? Hell yes. As are the zillions of great Apple engineers who don’t know Photoshop from MacPaint.

(I’ve been watching the videos. My head hurts in the best way possible.)