inessential by Brent Simmons

[Sponsor] CocoaLove - New iOS/Mac Conference in Philly

CocoaLove is a new conference in Philadelphia taking place October 24th - 26th that’s doing something a little different. The technology and frameworks we use are only one small part of our craft, so the lineup of 11 amazing speakers are instead focusing on much more timeless topics, like:

  • Did design really play as big of a role in Apple’s success as we think, and how can we follow their lead to be more successful?
  • How can we leverage our community to make better products without needing to hire large teams?
  • Dealing with feedback is hard. How can we keep those conversations healthy and productive?

CocoaLove is a great opportunity to spend the weekend having interesting conversations with a bunch of people in the Apple community, and leave with some new friends.

Tickets are on sale now and include genuine Philly cheesesteaks (grab one quick, CocoaLove is limited to 150 attendees).

(PS — Brent here — I’ll be speaking at CocoaLove.)