inessential by Brent Simmons

[Sponsor] NSScotland

NSScotland, the Scottish Mac and iOS development conference, runs October 25-26 this year in beautiful Edinburgh.

Sessions include Rob Rix on polymorphism in Swift, Drew McCormack on making magic, honorary Scotsman Graham Lee on testing at Facebook, Sally Shepard on developing for the AppleTV, Johnnie Walker on iOS image processing, Eric Knapp on CoreMIDI, and Glasgow’s own James Thomson on indie survival strategies.

We’re also delighted to be running a Swift kickstart tutorial from Daniel Steinberg on Monday October 27 (the day after the conference).

The conference is limited to 100 and the tutorial to 50 — tickets for both are still available.

And if you’re coming to Scotland, why not take an extended vacation? There’s a reason they put Hogwarts here, after all — it’s lovely country. Worth the trip. :)