inessential by Brent Simmons

[Sponsor] mParticle solves integration and marketing challenges for app developers in a single SDK

Most SDKs are just capturing and streaming data — and what’s being collected and streamed is usually redundant.

Furthermore, the challenges of the app business extend beyond just sending data to an analytics partner or two. You also need to invest in user acquisition and in tools such as push notification and email to keep users engaged (which also require SDKs).

With mParticle, app developers can solve both sides of the equation using a single, lightweight SDK. App developers can not only stream data to any service such as analytics, push, crash, and so on, they can also segment and send data to Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, and similar to increase engagement and retention.

Platform benefits:

  • Less time integrating. More time innovating.
  • Eliminate SDK updates and code changes required.
  • Reduce costs paid to reporting services through data filters.
  • Improve app stability, security, and user privacy.

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