inessential by Brent Simmons

[Sponsor] Tinderbox

Tinderbox, the powerful note-taking app, gives you the technical tools you need — inheritance, composites, and templates — to manage software challenges such as system architecture and big refactoring efforts.

From brainstorming and product design through coding, delegating, testing, and marketing, Tinderbox helps you capture ideas, uncover emergent structure, and adjust as plans and requirements shift.

For example, here’s a Map view from early planning for Tinderbox 6, where we planned the move of hundreds of existing classes into a new framework and a fresh UI.

Tinderbox screen shot

Every note is backed by styled text and an extensible list of attributes and values. Tinderbox offers flexible rules to enforce constraints, agents to gather notes of special interest, timelines, tree charts, and a lively user community.

Tinderbox is also great for plotting novels, planning dissertations, and tracking commitments.

This week only, Tinderbox offers Inessentialists a $75 discount on the brand-new Tinderbox 6.1.1.