inessential by Brent Simmons


Rands in Repose: The QA Mindset:

Yes, I often had to gather conflicting parties together and explain that, “You are both doing your job. No, engineers are not deliberately creating bugs. No, QA is not hating on the product. Yes, we actually have the same goal: rigorously confirming whether or not the product is great.”

For years I worked without QA or testers. There were outside beta testers (and they were awesome), but it’s not the same as people with access to the bug tracker whose job it is to know the software and find ways to make it break.

Only recently have I become very, very lucky. With Vesper we have Nick Arnott and at Omni we have an entire testing group.

What a difference it makes. I can’t go back. I’m so spoiled.

I like to joke that Nick and the Omni testers hate me and wish only that I will die soon in a conflagration caused by one of my bugs. By which I mean they’re fantastic at what they do, and my appreciation is extreme.

PS Omni’s Liz Marley will be speaking about testing at CocoaConf in Portland this May.