inessential by Brent Simmons

[Sponsor] WinterFest: the 2014 festival of artisanal software

Your writing doesn’t come from a factory. Neither does artisanal software.

A bunch of small, independent software visionaries have teamed together once again this season to bring you fresh, opinionated, and exciting tools for thinking and writing.

  • Tinderbox: the tool for notes
  • DEVONthink Pro: your Mac paperless office
  • Scrivener: your complete writing studio
  • Nisus Writer Pro: the powerful word processor for OS X
  • Aeon Timeline: timeline tool for creative thinking
  • TextExpander: type more with less effort
  • Take Control Books: the answers that you need now

No bundles or games or gimmicks; just great software at a great price, right at the vineyard gate.

(PS Brent speaking. This is the last sponsorship I plan to run on my blog. And it’s a great one. My entire career has been about tools for reading and writing — and so the developers behind these apps are my spiritual kin. Also worth noting: it’s not a bundle. Buy exactly the apps you want, for 25% off.)