inessential by Brent Simmons


First, a reminder — WinterFest 2014, the festival of artisanal software, is still on. You can get 25% off some great indie apps for thinkers and writers.

WinterFest 2014 is the sponsor for this blog this week, and it’s also the last sponsorship this blog will run, and it’s a great note to end on. (I love indie software and so do you.) After this there won’t be any more sponsors.

No Inessential readers have complained about the sponsorships, which made me glad. Booking was pretty easy. But dealing with all this is more work than you might think — and, more importantly, it doesn’t fit with how I think of my blog, which is my labor of love. So I’m stopping.

I’ll continue to run ads from The Deck, though. It’s different because it’s different.

But anyway — that’s the scoop. No more sponsors. (Unless somebody offers me a crazy amount of money, that is. Because doi.)

To all the folks who sponsored this blog this year: thank you so much. It was very appreciated.