inessential by Brent Simmons

OmniFocus, Vesper

OmniFocus 2.1.1 for Mac shipped yesterday with some crashing bug fixes.

And a universal version of Vesper shipped a couple weeks ago.

If you’re counting — and of course you’re not — that’s three shipments I’ve been involved in this year so far (counting the earlier OmniFocus 2.1). I’ve got a busy year planned. With perhaps a surprise in there. Feels good.

(“Feels good,” I say — I’m trying to give myself a pep talk. I’m home with a head cold, and everything feels bad at the moment.)

PS I’m working right now on a Yosemite update for OmniOutliner. OmniOutliner for Mac has been and remains my very favorite Omni app.

And that’s in part because I love outliners. My history with outliners goes back to 1995. (Example: 15 years ago I wrote C code for reading/writing OPML. I don’t link to it because there’s something to learn from the code — there isn’t — it’s just remarkable to me that I’ve been doing this kind of thing for so many years. It’s because I like it.)