inessential by Brent Simmons

CocoaConf San Jose Early Bird Thing

My pal Solomon — Solly, Sol-meister, ol’ SK — just emailed me to remind you that the early bird sale for CocoaConf in San Jose ends Sept. 19th at midnight.

Check out the schedule. Laura Savino and Jaimee Newberry are both speaking, which is more than enough right there to get you to go. And there’s a whole mess of Daniel Steinberg on Swift, which you know you need. The unstoppable Marcus Zarra (I’ve tried to stop him; can’t be done) will be talking about Core Data. And there’s plenty more.

PS Actually, no, I haven’t tried to stop Marcus Zarra. Who would do that? It’s way more fun to encourage him.

PPS I’m speaking too, at the very end.