inessential by Brent Simmons

So Upset

Peeple may be a hoax or a stunt. See the reporting at Snopes.

If it is in fact not real, then I’ll be relieved, but also quite angry at the jerks who put it on. I can’t think of a good reason.

But for now I take it at face value.

* * *

I’ve never in my life written an email to a high-up person at Apple. I was upset enough today to write an email to Tim Cook.

I kept it as short and clear as I could. I was tempted to say something like “Hey — long-time happy Mac developer here!” but I kept myself, and everything extraneous to my actual message, out of it.

* * *

Hi Tim,

You may be aware of this not-yet-released app Peeple which is, essentially, Yelp for people — that is, it’s for rating and commenting-on other people.

That’s creepy, but the worst part of it is that you can be added — and rated and commented-on — without your consent.

Ella Dawson made some great points about how dangerous this is:​2015/10/​01/why-peeple-​is-dangerous-​to-survivors-​and-really-anyone/

Were Apple to make any kind of public statement that explained that it wouldn’t accept apps for rating and commenting-on people where people can be added without their consent, I would appreciate it. I’m sure many people would.

Thanks in advance for any consideration you give this.