WWDC Guesses

These are collected from a Seattle-area Slack team I’m on. In no particular order, without any judgments about likelihood:

  • Side-loading of iOS apps.

  • Trials and upgrade pricing on the iOS and Mac App Stores.

  • carOS.

  • The “plus” form factor is discontinued.

  • Run iOS apps on Macs.

  • Use UIKit to build Mac apps.

  • There is no OS X and iOS 10, only TEN.

  • iTunes is broken up into pieces, including a separate Apple Music streaming service app.

  • ARM-based MacBooks.

  • Third-party API for Siri.

  • The revival of the handwriting recognition API.

  • XPC services on iOS.

  • Two-up display from a single app on iOS.

  • Encouragement of MVVM-like architecture in UIKit and AppKit.

  • Keyboard-driven UI selection on iPad.

  • UIReact. (The person who suggested this is trying to get my goat, but I’m keeping my goat.)

  • 5K Cinema Display.


  • Drag-and-drop on iOS.

  • Lots more leather straps for the watch.

  • Apple Watch straps that add more functionality (GPS, cellular, etc.)

  • Apple Pay peer-to-peer payments. (SquareCash-like-thing.)

  • Apple Pay rewards cards.

  • Cram the whole computer in the Watch, and everything (monitor, keyboard, touchscreen) are all just wireless peripherals.

  • Major upgrade for HomeKit.

  • Rosetta for X86-64 on ARM (along with those ARM-based machines).

  • Siri-ous work on Siri.


  • Support for 32-bit apps to end on OS X.

  • OS X names: Barstow, Yermo, Shasta, Weed, Compton, Disney, Death Valley, La Jolla, So’side Quay, Tahoe, Truckee, Needles, Donner, La Brea, Stockton, Joshua Tree (for the U2 marketing), San Andreas.

  • s/OS X/macOS/g


  • Siri on the Mac.

  • iMeeting.

  • Core Data improvements. (Goes with San Andreas fault. Probably a small joke.)

12 May 2016