inessential by Brent Simmons

Radical Infantile Terrorism

We can’t just keep letting babies into the country. We can’t, or we won’t have a country. Won’t have a country. We have to get smart, people.

No country in history has ever been ripped off like this. We’re going to build a giant condom and make them pay! A giant, beautiful condom — oh, so beautiful — and so big.

That baby had no right to stand there and viciously attack me. Even CNN — who won’t interview me, which is fine, which is fine, believe me — well it’s disgraceful — even CNN, which I guarantee you will be out of business in three years because they won’t interview me — fine — says it was vicious. So, so vicious. Can’t I respond?

This is what’s wrong with our country — which, by the way, we won’t have anymore. People who’ve seen the plans for the condom — wonderful people, so wonderful, people who support Trump, who by the way is going to win big in November — say it’s beautiful. They say they’ve never seen anything like it in the history of the world. Believe me.

I’m a builder, so I think I know a few things about building things, okay? It will be big, and beautiful, and we’ll have a country again. We’ll make America great again.

Oh, I miss the old days. Remember the old days? We used to know what to do with babies. But now you can’t even say it, right? You can’t even talk that way anymore. We’re so politically correct.

I was always against the babies. Hillary Clinton had a baby! Do you know where babies come from? Don’t ask. It’s disgusting. Disgusting.

Where is that baby now? She won’t tell you. Crooked Hillary is hiding that baby. I’m not saying, I’m just saying, is she hiding something? You tell me.

In the old days we used to know what to do with babies that won’t even speak English, which by the law is the law of our country.

[Trump points to man in crowd.] Sir? That’s right sir — we’d carry them out. Carry them out! [Crowd chants “carry them out!”]

It’s sad, it’s so sad. We have to get smart, and tough, and babies aren’t tough. I know tough guys, and babies aren’t tough.

After we build that giant, beautiful condom, and make them pay for it — which, by the way, will be so easy, so easy — we’ll build a big, beautiful boob and make them pay for that too. So beautiful.

[Crowd chants “giant boob!”]