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Evergreen Diary #8: Coding Guidelines

I published the first draft of Evergreen’s Coding Guidelines yesterday.

I posted this because I’d like to have people help me with the app — but I’m not ready yet. Or, rather, a few people who I know are starting to help, and I want to keep it small for now since I’ve never done this before.

If you’re interested in helping, I hope you’ll forgive me as I take it slow and learn how to manage an open source app with many contributors.

* * *

This isn’t the only app I want to do: there are several others. Ideally I’ll get to the point where I’m managing several open source apps — assuming people are interested in helping, which is a big assumption — and it’s all going great. But it will take time to get there.

(All my ideas are Mac and iOS apps that have something to do with the open web. I’ve always been happiest when working at that intersection.)

Anyway… it seemed like a good idea to write up coding guidelines early, so I did.

PS When I was faced with that blank document window, I started by typing the words “No subclasses,” because sheesh I really, really hate subclasses. The rest tumbled out.