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Stop Watch

Some time last week my iPhone started prompting me frequently to re-enter my iCloud password. And then my Watch started doing the same, about once a minute — with a little tap on the wrist each time.

Obviously I did re-enter my password — and have done so a dozen or so times now — but it doesn’t seem to matter.

So I stopped wearing my Watch and have switched to a mid-sixties Hamilton that my Dad gave me. (He had gotten it as a high school graduation present.)

I’m no watch aficionado — but I do appreciate a good and attractive watch (which this is), and I appreciate even more an old watch that’s a family thing.

Here’s the thing, though: the Apple Watch contains a hundred miracles of engineering and design, surely, but serious problems with software and services can turn even the most incredible hardware into something you just sit on your desk and ignore.

On Sanders Governing

The Atlantic, Norm Ornstein:

But is there any real evidence that there is a hidden “sleeper cell” of potential voters who are waiting for the signal to emerge and transform the electorate? No.

Pure candidates on both sides of the spectrum often claim that their purity will bring in the checked-out voters, because they’re just waiting for a real conservative or a real liberal.

It’s an enduring fairy tale with terrible consequences. To put faith in it is to lose to the other party.

CocoaConf Podcast with Me

Cesare Rocchi interviewed me for the latest CocoaConf Podcast on life before the App Store.

There was a life, by the way. It was fun! We could release software any time we wanted to.

How the Republicans Win

Democrats nominate Sanders, and Republicans nominate Rubio or Cruz.

Then there’s this TV ad:

Blank screen. Voice says: “Socialism was tried…”

Fade-in: hammer and sickle.

Voice: “The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics failed…”

Black-and-white video plus audio of Reagan: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Black-and-white video of a statue of Lenin being pulled down.

Color photo of Rubio (or Cruz) with family. Voice: “Marco Rubio’s parents fled socialist Cuba to come to the land of the free, where anyone’s child can become President… The United States of America.”

Shooting fish in a barrel sounds difficult compared to beating Bernie Sanders.

Panic Report

Panic — those mad geniuses somewhat to the south of here — look back at 2015 and forward to 2016.

If Panic didn’t exist, we’d have to invent a time machine and send Cabel and Steve back in time so that they create Panic. Which may be what happened.

Happiness for Grafflers

Omni: Stenciltown gets an upgrade.

(Don’t know what Stenciltown is? Just go see it, then. It’s an OmniGraffle thing.)

Omni: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

On the Omni blog, Ken Case writes about how we did in 2015 and what’s coming up in 2016.

My personal favorite part:

For OmniOutliner, I’m very pleased to share that we have some major writing improvements on the way! On both Mac and iOS, we plan to support distraction-free full-screen editing, the ability to see your current word count, and support for directly editing Markdown documents.

Lately I’ve been working on OmniOutliner for Mac. (It’s my favorite Omni app.) Helping to add Markdown support is going to be fun.

A Big Tall Drink of Chocolate

Cocoa with Love is back! It’s the Swift era.

Omni Hiring Graphic Designer

See the jobs page. Omni’s a great place to work.


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