inessential by Brent Simmons

November 1999


I put the underlines back on links for this site.

Still working on the the release of Frontier 6.1... Back to work.

Here's a new site I'm working on -- the Manila Newbies site.


The FAQ page is no longer empty.

Manila now has support for cascading style sheets, hence the lack of underlines on the links for this site. (I'll put the underlines back tomorrow.)

New York Times audio special: Celebrating Italo Calvino. Hopefully I'll have time to listen to it soon. (After 6.1 ships.)

It's the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall! One of the greatest moments, ever. I'll never forget it. CNN on the celebrating in Germany.


Working on shipping Frontier 6.1. It's the Manila release. But for me it's the ska release -- this version of Frontier brought to you by the Specials, Skatalites, and the recently re-released English Beat CDs. Just in time!

Great ska site: The Attempted Ska Page.

No editors. I like writing here. No audience, either. I can write anything I want. Fiddle-de-dee.


All about squirrels.

Squirrel philosophy: "We don't care where the nuts came from, let's just play with them." If squirrels ran their own web site, would it be about squirrels or would it be about nuts?

Zembla is dedicated to the works of Vladimir Nabokov. I've read Pnin, Lolita, and Speak, Memory, but I've yet to read Pale Fire (from which the name Zembla comes, I believe). Perhaps before the end of the millenium?