inessential by Brent Simmons

Deleting code

I love deleting code.

Select, delete. Bam. You are the weakest method, goodbye. Build. Errors. Fix errors. Re-factor. Select, delete. Au ’voir.

If you work like I do, then your projects always get to a point where the main features are all there and all that’s left are bugs—and clean-up.

Look, there’s some lovely filth right here. Select, delete, auf wiedersehen.

Uh oh, looks like my data and UI are intermingled right here. Think MVC. MVC MVC. Re-factor. Select, delete. Build. Yahoo.

This is my favorite part of software development, when the code goes from weird but working to clean and maintainable and working much better.

And the most fun part is that delightful Delete key.